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  • PoppyR

    hi everyone, I have tried the search function (honest!) but cant find the posts that I know are here. Tonight in the book study they were talking about Daniel using Gods name and I remembered reading somewhere that the JWs put it in the NWT where it wasn't used. So I went to the back of the translation ( I HATE using that bible now, I just want to get my other versions out to compare, but daren't do that in public!) Anyway, I was readin the section about where they had put in the name in the new Testament.. and it suddenly hit me that these people matthew, mark, luke, etc, were with Jesus day in day out. If he talked about his fathers name, why would they not write it down? Why would Jesus not use it? If he wanted us to use it, he would have been saying it in every sentence.. Anyway, I really would like to find some posts about this with the information about what the original greek says and how it has been changed by the WTS. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

    Poppy x

  • woodsmanhere
    woodsmanhere has lots of info on what the original greek said and the sources the WTS uses to support its insertion of the name in the NT.

  • robhic

    This link will probably give you access to more information than you even want:

  • Narkissos

    Here is an interesting thread (among many):

    (it starts on technical details, but the basic issue is dealt with from page 2 onwards)

  • PoppyR

    Thank you!!

  • Carmel

    "O God, deliver us from the sea of names!"

    (Abdu'l-Baha, Divine Philosophy, p. 32)


  • amommy

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spent my entire afternoon reading the Link that was provided here.

    So impressed, thanks for the webpage link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I recently had doubts about everything I had been taught growing up as a JW, including what God's real name is. I believe it now is correct to use Jehovah, but believe from my new investigation that Jesus Christ is at one with him in the sense at one time Jesus was only Jehovah "YHWH" and after being born a man he became our ransom The Christ. The Almighty God is 3 in 1 and therefore everything to us! Praise Jah! Hail the firstborn king! May the Holy Spirit be among you! The Alpha and Omega ,the first and the last.(Rev.1:8,17-18; 22:12-13) Thank You!

  • greendawn

    The apostles didn't use it and it was never in fashion in the early Christian church, the Jews today don't use it either.

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