What are God's character Traits?

by ghostbuster 2 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • ghostbuster

    Humans are said to fit into 9 different personality types. God must have a peronality too. What might it be? Is it changable?

    I believe that God is first and formost a scientist with no religious pretension. He is an ardent supporter of survival of the fittest with his only concept of justice and fairness being if you are not fit you can't survive. This certainly explains some of the observations on the ground.
    His has programmed a balance of goodness and badness in humans so that we would not self-destruct in the first years of our existance on earth. Is badness therefore one of his character traits?

    Animals kill. Is that bad? There could have been alternative behaviour. But the concept of bad is something knocked up in our head take us out of the equation and bad is also removed from the equation. God cannot therefore be bad or can he.

    I'll start with this for now.

  • daystar

    My experience is that the gods are amoral and that it is we humans who place moral and other traits upon rather amorphous entities that ultimately escape description.

  • poppers

    "God must have a peronality too."

    This is clearly an assumption. By making this statement a fact you are automatically limiting what "god" can be. What if this assumption has no basis in fact, that "god" is beyond all limited thinking, beyond all personifications that humans make of him? What is one left with then? Could anything whatsoever be said which would be really meaningful?

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