I'm supposed to be studying

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  • MsMcDucket

    I rather read this board then study. I'm having a hard time reading my telemetry paperwork. Don't even want to begin. Here I sit, reading post after post. I have to tell you, after leaving the dubs, there was a time that I could barely read anything...not even the comics...and I come here and try to read everything. Now, if I could apply this to my telemetry homework (the zeal that I have for reading here), I'd be done in no time.

    I worked from 6p to 12a last night. They let me off early so that I could go to the telemetry class this morning at 9am. When I got off work, I read a little of the paperwork; but found it to be boring. So, I left it lying in the middle of the floor on my pallet (blanket on the floor). Could somebody put the telemetry paperwork here on the site so that I could read it?

  • Legolas

    You were off at 12 and you are up now what is it there, like 6 in the morning?...LOL

    I have to ask...What is telemetry? It is 7:45 here and I am just wayyyyyyyy to tired to think!

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