Holocaust denial for the last year.

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    Yad Vashem honors Austrians who saved Jews during Holocaust

    Associated Press, THE JERUSALEM POST Dec. 6, 2005

    Mel Gibson, the actor/producer whose film The Passion of Christ on the life of Jesus was considered in many circles to be flagrantly anti-Semitic, is producing a miniseries on the Holocaust.

    The New York Times reported that Gibson's company will base the four-hour production on the memoirs of Flory A. Van Beek, a Dutch Jew who survived thanks to her gentile neighbors.

    Meanwhile, Yad Vashem on Tuesday paid tribute to 85 non-Jewish Austrians who risked their lives to save their Jewish friends and neighbors during the Holocaust.

    Among those recognized for their courage in defying the Nazis were Hermine Riss, who hid a Jewish woman in her Vienna home between 1942 and 1945, and Danuta and Ewald Kleisinger, who saved the lives of several Jews by giving them sanctuary in their Warsaw home.

    Riss was honored posthumously with the title Righteous Among the Nations, joining the Kleisingers and 82 other Austrians already recognized. The Kleisingers were additionally given honorary memorial Israeli citizenship, an honor Danuta Kleisinger accepted from Israeli Ambassador Dan Ashbel on behalf of herself and her late husband.

    Austrian President Heinz Fischer emphasized the significance of the event in a ceremony held at the Vienna Jewish Community building. He linked it to the long process that finally replaced decades of denial with the recognition commonly held today that Austrians shared responsibility for the Holocaust.

    "We have moved away from a one-sided theory of being victims," he said, alluding to the long-held claim by Austrian officialdom that the country was the first nation to fall to Hitler's Germany through annexation in 1938.

    Instead, Austrians have "learned to see things more honestly and properly and to arrive at the public acknowledgment that there were victims and aggressors, aggressors and victims under the Austrians," Fischer said.

    Ashbel, alluding to Monday's suicide bombing in the Israeli town of Netanya, condemned those exploiting "hate (and) anti-Semitism to reach their goal of creating a 'Jew-free' region and maybe even a 'Jew-free' world."

    The 85 Austrians are among the 20,757 non-Jews recognized as Righteous Among the Nations by the foundation.

  • BrendaCloutier

    Ugh. This crap makes me sick. Interestingly, this comes after we watched the segment of Band of Brothers last night that showed the 101st finding the camp in the woods.

  • Mary

    These people are nuts. The Nazis kept meticulous records which is how they were able to keep tract of all the Jews and round them up. It was all well thought out in advance. It's not like Hitler woke up one morning and decided "Gee, I think I'll wipe all the Jews off the face of the earth today!" The bastard had it planned from day one.

    All anyone has to do is to read the cencus of the Jewish population in Europe before the war started and then after. There's about 6 million fewer after the War than before. And you can't even say that the Jews were immigrating to America, because both the USA and Canada closed their doors to the Jews during this time frame.

    Another pathetic "reasoning" that Holocaust deniers like to use is that there was "no way they could've killed 6 million Jews in the gas chambers!" They didn't start out that way. At first, the soldiers just shot them en masse and buried them in huge pits, but they soon realized that that left tall tale signs of murder. They didn't want the evidence to be left behind, plus apparently some of the soldiers were having a hard time murdering innocent Jewish children by shooting them. I can't remember offhand which of Hitler's henchmen thought of the gas chamber, but I hope he's burning in Hell as I write this. The gas chambers solved both of the Nazi's problems. It was far more "efficient" killing machine: you gas them, them send them to the ovens: no more evidence being left behind! And they ran 24-7. Plus, the soldiers didn't have to shoot any more 5 year olds at close range, thus absolving their conscience. The Wannssee Conference that took place in 1942 really geared the whole thing up and this is where the topic of The Final Solution came about.

    Ever talk to a Holocaust survivor or see the numbers that are still stencilled on their arms? The horror of what they went through never leaves their eyes. One of my co-workers' mother-in-law is a Holocaust survivor and I spoke to her a few years ago, where she told me something I never knew: she said that you were actually slightly better off having the numbers tatooed on you, because those that didn't were usually grabbed first for some of the more horrific Nazi "experiements". This woman, now in early 80s, lost her entire family at Auschwitz. Had the camps not been liberated when they were, she's pretty sure she wouldn't have survived another month.

    So these assholes who like to try and promote the idea that the Holocaust never happened, just makes me want to vomit. Why even give them a platform? They don't deserve anything, except a good swift kick in the ass.

  • Gerard

    I believe that in AUstria, holocaust denial is a crime punishable by law.

    Maybe it all depends how your society was affected by it.

  • avishai

    Now the Iranian pres. is denying it.

  • Leolaia

    Everyone, just watch Shoah, all 8 hours of it (we got it on DVD)....'nuff said.

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    Hmmm, so Iran's Prez denied history eh? Glad Bush isn't the only moron in the world who doesn't know anything about history.

    Just goes to show you, that you don't need a clue to run a country. Sad but true.

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