Freddie a Rhodes Scholar?

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  • I quit!
    I quit!

    One of the other threads made me think about this subject. I seem to remember Freddie claiming to be a Rhodes Scholar and that his claim was proved false. Does anyone remember seeing anything on this?

  • VM44

    If I remember correctly from what other's have researched, Fred Franz was eligible to take the exams for the Rhodes Scholarship, and might have even taken them, but then he withdrew himself from consideration.

    Therefore the Rhodes Scholarship was never awarded to him, he only was eligible to take the exam.

    Macmillan, in his book "Faith on the March", got the facts wrong and wrote that Fred Franz was awarded the Rhodes Scholarship, but then turned it down.

    So the story about Franz's Rhodes Scholarship always keeps coming up because it was published in that 1957 book.


  • AuldSoul

    My memory agrees with VM44's memory, not that we are proved correct by a consensus of


  • blondie
  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Thank you all for the feedback.

    According to the info Blondie posted MacMillan probably got his info from Freddie who thought it was so long ago no one would find out he was lying. I wonder if there was ever a crossroads for Freddie where he came to realize he had wasted life in a fantasy land he had helped create and wished he could go back continue his education and do something useful with his life. At that point he probably thought he had no other prospects and he was to far into the life he had chosen to quite so he decided to stay where he was and continue making things up. He may have even fooled himself into believing it was "the truth" in time.

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