Immortality/everlasting life in cyberspace

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  • DannyHaszard

    Immortality on the Internet apostates have everlasting life in cyberspace "During my term in office i have witnessed our society develop from an industrial society to an information age"-Bill Clinton Hey,yahl remember Mount St.Helens volcanic eruption 25 years ago?There is NO streaming video of the apocalyptic event.That's right,the military complexes spend billions to study how things blow up and,not even a home movie. Four years ago i did not know how to turn the PC ON! As a direct result of the 1975 Watchtower false promise prophecy and unrelenting ulcerative colitis i received a medical exemption from school (to sick to sit in a classroom) at age 14.So my last year of formal schooling is the 7th grade. Here i am with nearly 40,000 pages up on the net google shows 11,000 for my unique name alone. This is just the beginning for us the Internet is still in it's infancy,the PC i bought 2 years ago now sells for half the price with more computing power. Most of what goes up on the net gets cached and archived forever so it essence i have IMMORTALITY. Long after we have turned to dust and Watchtower publications are rotting in landfills we will be in their face in cyberspace. The technological wonder of the information superhighway is making inroads everywhere,help today is only a mouse click away. For somebody my age 48 it seems like yesterday 23 years ago everyone was having fun with the new communication wonder the Fax machine.Yet the telephone companies at the time cautioned us that there would not be enough capacity for the units.They said the same with cellular phones.What happened? A breakthrough technology of digital compression where 10 lines could now be put on one. My friend at Best Buy a major electronics retailer tells me some items are already obsolete when the consumer takes them out the door. The Internet will go fore-ward and it creates a level playing field for everyone.A month ago i did an anti Watchtower cult press release on a server in Napal half way around the world and it hung as top ranked news for Bangor Maine keywords for two weeks. The Watchtower sez's 'apostates will all die at Armageddon' and the 'memory of the wicked will rot'.(Proverbs 10:7) NO we will out-live them all! It is breath taking and we must seize the moment it is our hour of power,Yes,'help today is only a mouse click away'. ----- All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men/women to do nothing-Danny Haszard Bangor Maine

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