Are non JW's thankful

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  • 2112
  • The Chuckler
    The Chuckler
    Are non JW's thankful

    ......for not being JWs?

    Not thankful enough IMO.

  • 2112

    Well I’m off to a great start.

    Anyway, I find it very insulting to the JW’s will say that they don’t celebrate B’days, Christmas etc. give their faulty reasons and then proceed to say that they don’t give thanks just one day a year. They don’t give their children gifts just one or two days a year. The way they say this is just to try and impugn non-JW’s and make themselves look loving and kind. All the while their watching every move their children make so as to catch them in a wrong doing. Remember there are some things more honorable and respected than a JW family being perfect in every way. Some of those are having an unbelieving or D’fed mate, and still going to meetings, and having unruly and unbelieving children that you have “lovingly” put out of your house and turned your back on.

    I personally am not going to stand by and let those comments go unchallenged anymore. I am going to call them out on their un-Christian rudeness and have them answer for it.

    What do you think?

  • serendipity

    Hi 2112,

    I'm a nominal JW, and I'll say that JWs publically in talks are thankful for Jehovah and for the actions of the FDS, especially the latter. But in private conversation, I don't hear many expressions of thanks, except from some of the older ones. I surely don't hear it from my JW family. I really think that 'worldly' people I know are more thankful than JWs especially in attributing good things to God.

    I think you should call JWs on that type of self-righteous thinking. I've started doing that with my family and it's making me less popular than ever.

  • Crumpet

    A feisty post and well put.

  • jgnat

    As a regular non-JW Christian, I do think I'm pretty thankful.

    Out of curiosity, 2112, what keeps you going back for more punishment? I've about had my fill of Christendom-bashing.

  • 2112

    Fair question jgnat,

    My wife, and my father are JW's, I have been out since '92. Plus where I work there are five others. Further my father was quite promonent for a while so most JW's in town know at least my family name. So it's not so much that I go back for more as it is they keep coming.

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