Ever have a Vision Quest?

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  • free2beme

    The native American Indians, always felt that the spirits spoke to them in visions. Often these were referred to as Vision Quest. Vision that through a source of odd and some what unrelated visions that explained something to you that might happen or might be happening and needs attention. This is not in the same line of ESP, but more of a belief that your spirit guides and spiritual energy speaks to you. I know this is a really out in left field for some who might think this is non-sense, but I think it is interesting to think about and discuss. Some refer to dreams that had a lot of images, some think about day dreams with visions, and others even say that at moments in their life when they least expected it, visions occurred that made no sense at the time and then fell into place as events unfolded.

    I will share ones I had before leaving the Witnesses, if this thread takes off ...

  • JamesThomas

    I am part American Indian, and live in a tipi.alt

    I have never felt the need for a formal vision quest, though I understand what they are and know of some who go there. I find all the wisdom and nourishment I need by just being silently present and attentive to the animals and gardens I care for, and looking deeper into the shoreless expansive of inner being and existence.

    That said, we are not at all separate from the universe of all things, and there is much there to be learned in endless ways; Vision Quest being one. I would suggest simple openness and presense in the moment of life expression, first though. It may not be as dramatic, and it may not give you so much to talk about around the fire, but the wisdom is here around us waiting, nonetheless.


  • Oroborus21

    Hey at least it is spirtual or religious in nature. many threads here don't have anything to do with religion (ok so I have been guilty of that too).

    never had a Vision Quest but I did see the movie "lunatic fringe, I know you're out there...."

    -Eduardo Leaton Jr.

    PS: do you plan on using any peyote to assist you?

    cool teepee James

  • Satanus
    explained something to you that might happen or might be happening and needs attention

    It seems to me that i have been on something like this since i left the wt. I find that i am looking less to others for guidence, and relying more on myself.


  • desbah

    The only religion that uses peyote legally is the NAC(Native American Church). Usually a roadman travels mainly to Texas to get the peyote buttons for this ceremony. Some NAC members do have visions and its usually up to the individual to talk about their vision. Some native tribes do not use peyote to get visions. They have spirit guides and spirit animals to help them. I'm not a member of the NAC but once in my lifetime I did get a vision that came true.


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