Are j.w.'s more superstitious than the average joe?

by hubert 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • hubert

    My guess is they are.

    Maybe in a different way than walking under a ladder, or seeing a black cat cross their path.

    I'm talking about demons, and spirits, and things of that nature. I hear a lot of talk about these kind of superstitions, mostly among j.w.'s on this board, and also in the j.w. material.

    Is this almost a "requirement " to believe? Does this make you more "reseptive" to respond to the tactics of the j.w. cult?

    By the way, I don't believe in demons and spirits creatures.

    Any thoughts?


  • Dune

    My grandmothers side of my family are into the occult, the black arts, voodoo, you name it, they're probably into it.

    Because of this, i never really questioned why i shouldnt read harry potter, watch buffy the vampire slayer or play on a ouiji board. I know there are alot of skeptics out there, but that stuff is real, and it can get crazy. I think that i'm starting to become less "superstitious", my brother even stated that he knows he'd like harry potter (book and movies) but he never read them because of all the encouragement not to...


  • moshe

    I remember when the Pac Man video game came out and Elders warned the youth not to play it. Why? Some of the game animations were called " ghosts". Are they still telling kids to stay way from video games? -Or the big bad demons will get ya!



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