were does all the money go?

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  • bayrhino

    hey everyone ,

    i just got back from my circuit assembly and it was interesting during the finacial anoucements, sorry for my spelling i've attended spanish congregations for 26 yrs. now this assembly hall has been there for ages and its was remodeled 10 years ago but this hall is probably 30 or 40 years old. well the brother mentioned that the balance for the circuit was $14,000 in change but interesting he mentioned that there was $4,000 in change avaliable in an account and the balance 10,000 was in the WT also avaliable in and " account" . now for the kicker he said the total cost for the 2 day assembly was a total of $ 6,859.00 ??? FOR WHAT ? there was no special speaker no more lunch bags . this halls capacity is 1500 people.i know this hall has long been paid off ,and theres assembly's there every weekend wich i now there is i drive by many times and the next assembly hall is about 200mi away now 4 weekends we'll do the math. maybe i'm missing something. would like feed back.

  • VM44

    Someone here at JWD said that a donation to The Watchtower is included along with the operation expenses.

    The Watchtower contribution probably comes "first" over the actual expenses at a convention.


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