Lost friends, family & Lovers

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  • oldflame

    Do you have a friend or family member or even an old lover you would like to find ? Have you ever tried using the internet to locate them ? I have done a lot of research in this and have located several people for others and found a few old school buddies. Internet is a great tool in this and can be beneficial in doing family tree work too. Ever done any of that ?

  • Robdar

    I've not found any of my missing friends. I guess they hid real good. I hope all are okay. Maybe we'll meet again one day.

  • oldflame


    Maybe we could work together and find a few of them friends, let me know give me a call sometime....

  • tetrapod.sapien

    hey oldflame,

    i am looking too, ya. trying to track down an old girlfriend that got DF'd and disapeared about 5 years before i left the borg...

    but the internet has not been of much help. she is a pretty private girl, and i think she unlists herself from directories...

    but the internet has been a help in locating some other old friends from highschool and what not. one good friendship has come out of it.


  • lisavegas420

    I've hunted down and found the addresses some lost friends..... I even bought cards to send to them to see if we could get reacquainted ...but then I didn't know what to say to them, so I didn't mail them out.

    What do you say....what if they don't want to hear from you?


  • gumby

    I posted on the "congregation roll call" thread saying where I was from and hoping some fellow dub friend(s) might post back or PM me. Most of my dub friends were super dublike and it would surprise the poop out of me if any ever even look here....let alone post. I often wonder if there are any here I might know but have never found one yet...( other than those I've met since exiting)

    Gumby.....who got a 38 on 9 holes yesterday golfing

  • oldflame


    Someday you will catch up to my 38 in 90 holes.......,

  • oldflame

    I have found that men are easier to find than women because men never change their names but a woman will when she marries. Although you can still find the female through marriage records etc. Ther are also online websites that will aide you in your search for a small fee and they are very helpful in finding others.

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