Your weekend!

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  • daystar

    Since defd is not here to start this one as he normally would... (sorry, I know it's a bit late for some.)

    What's everyone doing on the weekend?

    My office is having a gathering tonight to have drinks and discuss recent changes and welcome our temps.

    The rest of the weekend I'll spend shopping and hanging. Anyone else?

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    Darling husband and I are taking our two wonderful boys to see Santa and have their pictures taken.

    We will be doing some form of home improvment torture as usual since we own a beastly old church that is now our house that was built in 1899.

    We will also be going to see the beautiful christmas displays at La Salette Shrine


  • young hearts, be free..
    young hearts, be free..

    Well, I had a few beers after work Friday - it's hard work being a carpenter (just ask Jesus)! Spent the night at home with my girlfriend, so while she's at work I'll do some housework and Xmas shopping, then maybe prepare our Watchtower's oops, go out to a decent club or have a few drinks with her sister and bf at home....So, in a nutshell: Drinks, sleeping, relaxing housework, shopping, drinking, music, beach............yippeeeeee, no early rises to praise Jeh(so)over(it).

  • lonelysheep

    Catch up on school work and write a paper, grocery shop, buy a christmas tree, buy cards, and clean the apartment.

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