The Watchtower's Questionable "Victories"

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  • metatron

    I once saw a movie ( I think it was Zabriskie Point) in which a Christ- like figure appears. Suddenly, a follower claims a miracle

    has taken place by proclaiming:

    "I'm healed, I'm healed! I CAN CRAWL AGAIN!"

    That anecdote , in a nutshell, sums up many of the Watchtower's recent claimed achievements. Such as:

    Reading a letter to congregations about an outside company that installed a new laundry conveyor system in Bethel. While they

    rejoice about how wonderful Witnesses are perceived, some in the organization wonder 'why did they call in an outside company,

    given Bethel's previous self-reliant history?' Is this part of their continuing brain drain?

    Brother G returns from the recent elder school - supposedly a rich spiritual experience - except that he openly complains

    about "now, having to be some kind of lawyer, with all the stuff you can't say and all the stuff you have to repeat word for word".

    The Society downsizes Bethel, dumps printing and binding in Brooklyn, and still ends up with presses idle much of the time.

    Now, they create an excuse that some wonderful expansion is surely due, since Jehovah has prepared this excess capacity.

    Does Baghdad Bob work at Bethel?

    A brother announces jubilantly that the Society has fully paid for their new presses with cash they got from recent real estate

    sales. What a wonderful provision from Jehovah! ......... except.......... didn't they ask publishers , in the Kingdom Ministry,

    to contribute for this "expansion". What happened to that?

    A brother claims that 'the Society now gets 300 studies a day from their internet site' Really? Are those real Bible Studies

    or just requests for information? ( some by 'apostates'?) And how many people does the Society estimate they lose because

    of other websites?

    As Brother Sydlik liked to say:

    "Sometimes, the half is not told" Indeed!


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