"A Million Little Pieces" by James Frey

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  • HappyDad

    I just finished reading this fascinating book about his drug addiction and alchoholism and have realized that my own alchohol abuse in the past was nothing compared to what he went through and came out of, in his own way. This is one book that I highly recommend whether you have, had, or never have had a problem with alchohol and drugs.

    Has anyone read this book?

    Now I want to get "My Friend Leonard" ..........where he continues the story of the mafia type guy who befriended him while in rehab. Has anyone read this one yet and what did you think of it?

    Last question. What was the name of this world famous rehab he was in? Somewhere in Minnesota I believe1 And from what I gathered in the book, it is the same rehab that Steven Tyler of Aerosmith went to.


  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    You might check Oprah's transcripts. He was on about 3 weeks ago with his parents. It was very hard to watch for me since my bio-dad was a raging alcoholic with now 20+ years of sobriety.

    He talked a bit about what he put his parents through. I cannot imagine how they had the strength not to give up on him.

    He said he didn't use AA because he didn't feel it would do anything for him.

    I think he's an incredibly strong person. But I can't read the book...I can't go there.


  • pennycandy

    This is on my "To Read" list. I've heard it'll really take you for a ride.

  • notajwnemore

    This is also on my To Read List...I am currently reading "Memoirs of A Geisha". I wanted to give "A Million Little Pieces" to a friend who is trying to dael with an addiction. I am not sure he would read it, but I want him to know that he is not alone. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help a loved one with a chemical dependancy problem? He has been in treatment before, but says that it doesn't work. I am at my wits end. I can see the pain he is going thru.

  • HappyDad


    You have a PM.

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