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  • blondie

    Who Will Hit U.S. TVBurton Cromer—vice president of BBC Direct, which is releasing the first season of the British SF series Doctor Who on DVD—told SCI FI Wire that the BBC made the unusual decision to release the DVD before the show had found a broadcast outlet in the United States. But he added that the show will find its way onto American TV one way or another.

    "It will be going on television," Cromer said in an interview. "There're lots of discussions going on, and I can't really talk about that. This is a unique situation, really, because there are so many fans of Doctor Who ... already out there, and we were just finding [that] people were getting ... second-hand copies or copies from the U.K. ... We really wanted fans to get the best, most complete version in the United States as [soon] we possibly could. So we made the decision, and it is unique, to go ahead of the TV broadcast with the DVD and to release the gift set of the DVD basically within two and a half to three months [after] the U.K. [version]."

    I'm so excited.


  • avishai

    Hell yeah.

    Mary Tamm, the first Romana, was the hotnessalt

  • City Fan
    City Fan

    You'll love it.

    There's a Christmas special showing over here soon and 2 more series on the way.

  • CaptainSchmideo
    Mary Tamm, the first Romana, was the hotness

    Finally, something you and I can agree on, Avishai!

    Did you ever see her in "The Odessa File" with Michael York? She played a (gasp) exotic dancer. But, dang it, you never get to see her in action. But she does wear some neat thigh high leather boots!

  • Leolaia

    Do you know if this will be one of those "The Complete First Season" DVD sets, or along the lines of the current crappy 2-episode DVDs that sell far more than they are worth.

  • blondie

    Dr Who will be airing on the Sci FI Channel in March possibly starting 3/17 after the Stargate and Gallitica show season finales.


  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    It was great to see Dr Who back through childrens eyes - namely my young daughters who couldn't get enough of the episode's. They were genuinely scared at certain points. Bit of a shame that Chistopher Eclestone had to give it up so soon, but David Tennant is a very good replacement having seen the xmas special. Good to see other sci fi/fantasy fans out there!

    Currently on ITV4 in the uk on sundays at 7pm is one of my all time favourite sci fi fave's as a kid...Space 1999 - its so very good I love it.

    CS 101

  • unclebruce

    Evil is about to decend!

  • acadian

    Great program, use to watch it in the 80's on PBS.


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