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    Understanding the Importance of Blood and the Disciple Making Work of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Understanding involves a depth of knowledge and a comprehension of its application and implications to the subject at hand.

    What does the conversion process of JW's involve? Consider the Knowledge Book and the comments and directions from the KM to the publisher and what it means to the Bible Student and the students decision making process.

    The Knowledge Book is today considered by Jehovah's Witnesses to be the primary tool to teach an interested person what they need to know in order to become a baptized member. So what does the WBTS say about this book to support my statement.

    km 11/95 1 New Book Highlights the Knowledge of God

    2 How vividly the speaker described portions of the book! The captivating chapter headings, practical illustrations, positive presentation of the truth, uncomplicated questions, and, at the end of each chapter, a box entitled "Test Your Knowledge" are among the features that will appeal to all who read it. But our Bible students will especially benefit as they rapidly acquire the fundamentals of the Bible’s teachings.

    New Book Highlights the Knowledge of God

    4 Points to Review: You may recall that when presenting the subject "Why Mankind Needs the Knowledge of God," the speaker emphasized a number of points, including the following:

    When you use this book to conduct studies, it is not wise to bring in outside material, which could becloud the main points; just concentrate on conveying what the book is proving in each chapter.

    Chapters are of moderate length so that you will usually be able to cover one each time you study.

    At the end of each chapter, the questions in the box entitled "Test Your Knowledge" will provide a succinct review.

    5 Use on Bible Studies: Quite a few publishers have inquired whether it is advisable to change their Bible studies over to this new book. If you are well along in the book being studied at present, it would be practical to complete the study of that publication. Otherwise, it is recommended that you switch over to the Knowledge book. If you used a brochure or a tract to start a Bible study, introduce the new book at the appropriate time and use it for the study. More information on the use of the Knowledge book will appear in Our Kingdom Ministry in the coming months.

    Yes, by using the Knowledge Book we should be able to rapidly, quickly give a person all that they need in order to make a decision that will have supposedly everlasting impact on the rest of their lives a life that is supposed to last forever. Now additional admonition is given above that we shouldn't bring in outside information sources as they will only slow things down or even teach them things that they will not need to know or even have to unlearn. Concentrate on what the book is providing.

    km 5/96 7 Question Box

    Question Box

    õ Now that we have the book Knowledge That Leads to Everlasting Life, how long should a home Bible study be conducted?

    The Knowledge book is designed to help those "rightly disposed for everlasting life" to learn what they need to know in order to make a dedication to Jehovah and get baptized. (Acts 13:48) Therefore, after completing this new publication, it should not be necessary to study a second book with the same student.

    Here we are taught or reminded that it should not be necessary to study an additional publication with our student. They now have enough information to make this life altering change and to symbolize it publicly. So then how much information is devoted to the subject of blood its sacredness and non-acceptance of Blood Transfusions? Let's see.

    Knowledge Book pp128-9

    Chapter 13 - Why Living a Godly Life Brings Happiness


    21 For true happiness, we need to view human life as sacred, even as Jehovah does. His Word forbids us to commit murder. (Matthew 19:16-18) In fact, God’s Law to Israel shows that he views the unborn child as a precious life—not something to be destroyed. (Exodus 21:22, 23) For that matter, we must not treat life as something cheap by using tobacco, abusing our body with drugs or alcohol, or taking needless risks. Neither should we engage in any life-threatening pursuits nor should we ignore safety precautions, which might result in bloodguilt. —Deuteronomy 22:8.

    22 Jehovah told Noah and his family that blood represents the soul, or life. Therefore, God forbade them to eat any blood. (Genesis 9:3, 4) Since we are their descendants, that law is binding upon all of us. Jehovah told the Israelites that blood was to be poured out on the ground and was not to be used for man’s own purposes. (Deuteronomy 12:15, 16) And God’s law on blood was reiterated when first-century Christians were instructed: "Keep abstaining . . . from blood." (Acts 15:28, 29) Out of respect for the sanctity of life, godly people do not accept blood transfusions, even if others insist that such a procedure would be lifesaving. Many medical alternatives acceptable to Jehovah’s Witnesses have proved to be very effective and do not expose one to the hazards of blood transfusions. Christians know that only Jesus’ shed blood is truly lifesaving. Faith in it brings forgiveness and the prospect of eternal life. —Ephesians 1:7.

    Why look at this, only two entire paragraphs are deemed necessary to this subject in it's entirety and even then only a few sentences directly touch on transfusions. Now note, do we see anywhere a mention that there might be any consequences to a Christian who accepts a Transfusion? No we do not.

    km 12/95 8 Offering the Book Knowledge That Leads to Everlasting Life Offering the Book Knowledge That Leads to Everlasting Life

    1 We were delighted when the new book, Knowledge That Leads to Everlasting Life, was released! It is designed to help people to come quickly to an accurate knowledge of the truth. In December we will have the first opportunity to offer this book in our territory. What can we say to stimulate interest?

    2 Here is a presentation that might appeal to the person whose faith in God has become weak:

    3 Having some recent distressing news event in mind, you might say:

    4 If you meet a parent, you might focus on the family:

    Again here we can note that emotionally loaded subjects are being suggested as a means to present the information to a potential convert. Pushing the hot buttons of low self-esteem, worries and fears about today and the future as well as the natural concerns that the person may have toward family.

    km 12/95 8 Return to Those Who Showed Interest

    Return to Those Who Showed Interest

    1 When releasing the new book, Knowledge That Leads to Everlasting Life, the convention speaker explained that "honesthearted students should be able to learn enough through a study of it to take a stand for Jehovah and get baptized." The book is designed to teach the truth quickly. It concisely provides specific information that can motivate students to make spiritual progress. It presents the truth in a positive way without dwelling on false doctrines. To have success in using this new instrument, we must make return visits on those who showed interest.

    So again we have emphasized that we need teach them the minimum amount of information needed to give a veneer of understanding so that they can feel they have learned enough to take a stand. But the question that comes to mind is learning a shallow presentation of a subject enough to make a decision that lasts a lifetime? Do we want to find ourselves encouraging someone to make momentous decisions on a minimal amount of information that is of dubious substance? We are told to and explained that it is both important and urgent to do so, but should we? This thought is re-emphasized in the following KM.

    km 5/96 2 Service Meetings for May

    Offering Knowledge That Leads to Everlasting Life During June. Service overseer first discusses why the Knowledge book was published…There is a need to conduct more effective Bible studies in a shorter period of time. This book was specially designed for that purpose. It presents the truth in a positive, concise manner. Questions on each paragraph, as well as at the end of every chapter, help us to focus on the main points. The book covers the answers to the questions asked of newly dedicated ones who wish to get baptized.

    As your Bible students begin to embrace the truth, you can progressively encourage them to round out their knowledge by attending meetings of Jehovah’s Witnesses as well as by reading the Bible and various Christian publications.

    If you are thoroughly familiar with the questions on pages 175 to 218 of the book Organized to Accomplish Our Ministry, this may be helpful. Although you should not make reference to these questions or review them with the Bible student, it may be good to emphasize points in the Knowledge book that will enable the student to express a proper understanding of basic Bible truths when the elders review questions with baptism candidates.

    Now this seems is a moderately deceitful idea being encouraged. Since what it seems to be saying when broken down is this. "I know we are grooming you to answer these questions, but you don't know we're grooming you to answer these specific questions. And I should make sure that you do not realize we're grooming you to answer these questions. That way when you do answer these questions, which will be asked by someone other than me, you will believe that you have answered these questions all on your own and therefore they will mean more to you.

    There is no need to supplement the information in the Knowledge book, bringing in outside material or additional arguments to support Bible teachings or to disprove false doctrines. This would only serve to extend the study over a longer period of time. Rather, it is hoped that the book can be covered rather quickly, perhaps in about six months. This emphasizes the need for us to study the material thoroughly in advance so that we can present it clearly and concisely. The student should likewise be urged to study in advance, look up cited scriptures, and endeavor to discern clearly what the book is teaching in each chapter.

    Heaven forbid that you the publisher should be able to count time for a longer period of time than absolutely necessary for a study conducted with someone who should now be able to start counting their own time.

    The Watchtower has stressed the need for Jehovah’s Witnesses to conduct a greater number of effective Bible studies in a shorter period of time. (See Isaiah 60:22.) Effective use of the Knowledge book can help new ones to acquire the knowledge that leads to everlasting life and act upon it.—John 17:3.

    Again the emphasis is on quantity of studies and then that these studies lead to a baptism. This being the effect looked for.

    km 6/96 6 How to Make Disciples With the Knowledge Book

    23 Help Those Who Complete the Home Bible Study: It should be expected that by the time a person completes a study of the Knowledge book, his sincerity and depth of interest in serving God will have become apparent. (Matt. 13:23) That is why the final subheading of the book asks, "What Will You Do?" The closing paragraphs appeal to the student to focus on the relationship he should have developed with God…There is no provision for studying additional publications with those who complete the Knowledge book.

    24 A new disciple who embraces the truth and gets baptized will have much more growing to do in his knowledge and understanding in order to become fully stabilized in the faith. (Col. 2:6, 7) Rather than continue his home Bible study after you complete the Knowledge book, you can make yourself available to provide any personal assistance he may need in order to mature spiritually.

    We again see that this book is apparently able to provide sufficient information to make a decision that will affects the remainder of ones life. That the study of this one book and its completion is enough to make apparent ones sincerity and interest in serving God. Yet this book will also show you that sincerity is not an adequate standard to use in determining correct worship of God. So after letting us know that this book is sufficient and that no other organized personal study arrangement is needed this very same KM lets us know that the student "will have much more growing to do in knowledge and understanding in order to become fully stabilized in the faith." So are we be encouraged to urge baptism on to someone who is lacking in knowledge and whose faith is not anchored?

    So again and again through recent years in the KM's we find ourselves being reminded that the Knowledge Book is the book of choice to use in our studies with interested ones. We are reminded that this book is sufficient in of itself and that no other book need be studied with an individual to prepare them for baptism and a lifetime commitment.

    Also throughout these KM's we have stressed the importance of attending meetings as soon as possible and associating with those in the congregation. Now that of course could never be a means of emotional manipulation.

    Well these are just a few comments on the subject of informed consent as practiced in the conversion/disciple making work of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Felix A.

  • Seven

    Hi See Also,

    Where is this movie playing and what is it rated?

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    Hey, 7,

    I missed this movie too, but it sure looks interesting. Probably would have read it sooner if I'd found it.

    I've used the Knowledge book to study with people before. Felix made some good points that I obviously never thought about.

    A person is to "studied" with for approx. 6 months and should have all the fundamental truths of the Watchtower & Bible necessary for baptism to Jehovah and into Watchtower Organization.

    The Knowledge book only gives two paragraphs to the issue of blood - mighty small if you or yours needs it and you have to explain why you won't use it.

    Also, the Knowledge book acknowledge that after baptism, the new convert will need much encouragment to grow within the Organization, to make him "stable." The point being well taken, shouldn't have this been done BEFORE baptism. Guess not, according to the Watchtower.

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    Waiting, I agree.

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