Chinese Landscapes transformed by winter and its snow

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  • fulltimestudent

    I do not have much experience of winter, that is a REAL winter with snow and ice. Here in Sydney there's not much difference visually. The imported deciduous trees still shed their leaves, and there is less color (flowers) but that's about it. I've only seen snow once or twice in my life. I could, of course, go to the hill areas near Canberra and experience the changes that winter snows bring to the landscape. So possibly, that's the fascination (for me). Landscapes lose their familiar appearance and are transformed.

    It must have been a similar experience for these Singaporean tourists, hiking the Great wall in winter as the colours of the landscape are muted by the winter dieback and mists

    and after a snow fall the scene changes again

  • millie210
    So magical and beautiful.
  • Magnum

    I agree with milile210; it is magical and beautiful. I rarely see snow in my part of the world, and I love it. I love the transformed landscape. I even love the way sound is sort of dampened by snow.

    I loved the foggy, hazy look in the second video. There's something about it that seems also mystical. It puts me in a contemplative mood.

  • zeb
    a beautiful site and a beautiful production thank you all.

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