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  • Jim Dee
    Jim Dee

    Given the impending move from Mill Hill to Derby or MK. Should the Society ask Brothers for additional donations?

    The conservative estimates are that they will get approx £193.5m for the site (inc Bittacy Hill) and the new Greenfield site (whichever) wil cost less that £35m. Whip up the building committes and up it goes FOC (Materials are estimated @ £9.23m).

    Of course as they are moving to a grant area, lots of money available to "assist the move and benefit the local economy" - not.

    So my question is do the society ask for additional contributions - or do they refund contributions made out of the profits?


  • nytelecom1

    refund?? are new arent you...

    being as i am an ameriCAN your funny symbols confuse me..the money will likely be put into a construction fund

  • Maximus

    Right on target, Jim Dee. Most illuminating.

    They are going to need the money for legal defenses in other less enlightened countries, like the United States. Then again, maybe they will get a separate fund going for the fight against "opposers of the preaching work." That's always been a good rallying cry, since no one seems to think deeply about that expression. (How many clergy are there today who are "opposers of the preaching work"?) They can preach a flat earth if they want, that's not the problem for any of us.

    What I oppose is the insane policy that allows voiceless kids to die, while governing body members and top decision makers haggle over issues of liability rather than the Scriptures. I oppose the insanity of a policy that does not encourage the reporting of child abuse universally, in recognition of the role of the Higher Powers of Romans 13, thereby continuing to ruin countless precious lives. I oppose the evil practice of enforced shunning that has ripped families apart.

    Am I discontented with these teachings? Yes. Another word for that is "disgruntled." Ah, but Watchtower PR would have you believe that word applies to individuals who never made it as elders, whose pet ideas were not adopted, or some vague notion that links "disgruntled" with former postal workers.

    Think, people, think before you buy into their spin doctor stuff. The rank and file NEVER think about who the "disgruntled" ones are and what they are disgruntled about! Many of us here are/were at the pinnacle of theocratic careers with everything to lose in the way of friends and family. I throw that all away in a heartbeat over principle!

    Em, Jim Dee, have you checked with the African branches as to the effect of stringent cost-cutting on even that poor continent?

    Just a small hint.

    "Follow the money."


  • bboyneko
    other less enlightened countries, like the United States.

    hey!!! I resemble that!

  • Maximus

    Hey, sharp kid. I like you!

    My expression was elliptical for U.S. Branch, in a jibe to certain lurkers who know there is a schism over the abuse policy as well as blood. The African branch cost-cutting further rubs the point in; cost-cutting has been going on for some time now, everywhere. It's going to get nastier unless they change.

    A good friend of mine who doesn't post noted earlier comments of yours; has coffee every morning at the Starbucks attached to the Bob's Big Boy, and he notes your pal Rob Lowe is generally there dressed in white shirt, ready to shoot at the studios nearby you are familiar with. If you go there or across the street at Priscilla's, and want to hook up with him, let me know privately.

    My best,

  • Moxy

    africa? id very much like to hear details. speaking of which, what IS the deal with india. i havent much from there lately.


  • Englishman

    This doesn't add up. My JW mum visited the London Bethel on Saturday last and spent some of the day with Gwen Gooch, widow of one-time branch servant Wilf.

    She told me all about the additional building work that is taking place there.

    Why should they be extending the existing buildings if they are going to move elsewhere?


    ..... fanaticism masquerading beneath a cloak of reasoned logic.

  • Moxy

    back to top in hope of more corrobative answers.

  • ozziepost
    Watchtower PR would have you believe that word applies to individuals who never made it as elders
    Many of us here are/were at the pinnacle of theocratic careers with everything to lose in the way of friends and family.

    It's a good point worth repeating. Notice that Max says "". More than we might have imagined, methinks.


    "Evil is the absence of empathy"
    Movie (2000), Nuremberg

  • dins

    No wonder they are moving...they have been reading the propery papers and have decided to cash in.

    I have a property near London and the prices have house has doubled in value in only three years.

    SOMEONE'S coffers are being filled. Wonder who. No doubt they will continue pleading for money for "new Kingdom Halls."

    Makes me sick!!!

  • jookbeard

    just bumped this purely by accident as I was doing a search for some details on the London branch and this thread came, staggered by the real estate worth of Bittacy Hill, did this proposed move ever get off the ground?

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