Poem for RedHorseWoman

by spectromize 1 Replies latest social relationships

  • spectromize

    Dear RedHorseWoman,

    Here's a poem for you.

    RedHorseWoman riding high,
    Feeling free, feeling pride,
    RedHorseWoman on a sunset beach,
    Feeling good, out of reach,

    You might be married, golly geez,
    Your heart shines forth,
    Everybody take heed,
    RedHorseWoman knows the course,

    We all lust because we must,
    Men would love your love,
    Because you are worthy of our trust,
    Men would love your love,
    Because you are just,

    RedHorseWoman riding high,
    RedHorseWoman feeling pride,
    RedHorseWoman we love you,
    RedHorseWoman believe it, because it's true.

  • RedhorseWoman

    Bless you, Spec.....I needed that....big smoochies to you!!! LOL

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