My struggle growing up as a gay Jehovah's Witness - My Story.

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  • GrandmaJones
  • mouthy

    Oh Granny I went blind in the other thread youve gone dumb

  • sooner7nc

    Stay true to yourself and know that those people have no power over you. Big hugs to you and best wishes for your future happiness.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Welcome, Jordan!

    No, the elders cannot give any appearance of sympathizing with what, by nature, you truly are. Some may be inwardly understanding and empathetic toward your plight (not that it's a "plight" outside in the real world), but they have to adhere by company policy.

    I'm sorry for your loss of family and friends amongst the Witnesses, but there are many wonderful people out there. May your wishes and dreams come true.



  • shepherd

    Being Gay is not the terrible evil sin you have been brought up to believe. I wish you happiness in the future.

    I am atheist, but if I still believed in a Paradise Earth JW style I would far prefer to have Gay neighbors there than the many self-righteous fuc$%^g elders I met in my time in that religion.

  • Fernando

    Welcome Jordan!

    Although straight, my journey out of religion, via the gospel into faith and spirituality, has led to a 180ยบ about turn on same sex relationships.

    One of the things I now understand: "Religion misrepresents God as anti-science, anti-sex, anti-gays, anti-politicians and pro-religionists".

  • daveysmithy30

    Hi Jordon and a very BIG welcome to the forum. You will find many friends in here that will support you. I know how difficult it is living a life outside the JW world when you are cut off from you family but you have many friends in here who love you and support you. Davey xx

  • steve2

    Hi Jordan,

    Where are you my friend? You posted once - a mighty fine post too - and attempted to reply twice but no text appeared. Hope you are okay and didn't get cold feet.

    So many aspects of your story resonate with me, as I was raised by JW parents and literally struggled for years to reconcile being gay with being a JW. I have lots of empathy for what you've been through - and what you will yet go through.

    Can I ask some questions about your story that don't appear to have been 'picked' up by earlier posters. I do not intend these questions in a critical manner but because parts of your story appear confusing to me.

    First, from your story, it sounded as if you were disfellowshipped a day before you made your first post - yet in your story it appears as if you left several months ago.

    Second, on what grounds were you disfellowshipped? Were you wanting the elders to approve of your 'simply' being gay or being 'actively' gay (i.e., in the eyes of the JWs, commiting a sin of the flesh which, if unrepentant is a defellowshipping offence)? I have never heard of anyone being disfellowshipped on the grounds of sexual orientation alone.

    Third, from your story, it sounds like - at least in part - you were trying to persuade the elders to accept the 'practice' of homosexuality,epsecially within the context of meaningful relationships. Is that so? If so, I wonder what you had realistically expected them to do - change the rules for you? Send a letter to the governing body in Brooklyn asking for a change in doctrine, if not policy? I apologize if my response appears to be criticizing your story - because so much of it I identify with. I'm just wondering to what extent you were arguing with the elders when they were "simply" being true to their religious beliefs (which is not to excuse their behaviour but put it in the context of being very strict about all manner of sexual "sins").

    Of course, you do not need to explain your story any further than you have done. I also wish you all the best in deciding, like many of us here gay and straight have done, that the JWs repressive beliefs and practices are not for you.

  • dog is god
    dog is god

    Jordon, my love. Iwas married to a man in the society for 18yrs. He finally was outed. the Bros took his side and blamed me for not doing whatever so that he turned to men. I KNOW for a fact that gay is gay. He was forced to live a huge lie and it screwed him up big time. It also screwed me up big tme. God doesn't want you to be something you are not. Why would god care? No skin off his nose. You be who you are and live a good life. Those Gov Bod guys have a LOT to answer for. You are just right!!!! xoxoxo Kellie

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