Guy Pierce (of GB): Special Talk (Education)

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  • pirata

    I got some notes from a talk that Guy Pierce of the Governing Body gave in the past few years. There was a good portion on eduation. These are the relevant notes (not a transcript):

    Our faith is based on the highest education today. Some say that JWs are anti-education. Nothing could be further from the truth. We go to the highest education. Jehovah knows everything. What puny humans or professors teach doesn't come close to Jehovah. Pierce's went to Japan. Met a man who was a pathologist; a brilliant man, good-hearted. He dedicated his life to find the source of disease. His University studies, post-graduate studies, he opened a clinic. He began to study the Bible with JWs. He learned what happened in Eden and saw the futility of his life's work. He saw that medical science cannot change what happened in Eden. He lost all interest in medicine, closed his clinic, and pioneered. What a brilliant decision; Just like Paul (Phillipians 3:7,8). Considered worldly accomplishments like garbage because of his ecucation. We already have the excelling value of Christ. Why spend our life going through garbage?

    Parents and Jehovah wants what's best for your children. Who knows what's best? Some say "well that work's in America... but not in my culture." Paul was not an American. Br. Pierce lived in an area where 95% of young ones go directly into pioneer service from hight school. He's never seen any happier, they blossomed emotionally and spiritually. Many are still in the full-time service. Br. Pierce has helped many to come into the truth. Many who come into the truth are of modest means. Some are successfull businessmen, accomplished musicians, engineers, sports figures, etc. Now they use these talents to promote Kingdom interetes. The previously mentioned doctor in Japan is practicing medicine again. He is using his abilities to keep the brothers patched up so they can continue their work.

    "They abandoned their dead works." Some aquire university education while in the truth. They are now using their talents to forward kingdom interests. That is a wonderful thing. But they have repented from their dead works [higher education]. Otherwise they would not have valued their course [of higher education] (Heb 6:1). Dead works are spiritually dead. They have no bearing with our relationship with Jehovah and surviving the end of this system of things.

  • moshe

    JWs are at the head of the line looking for a worldly medical specialist to treat their cancers, heart blockages, broken bones, etc. They take advantage of all the new miracle drugs brought to you by scientists with PHD's who have spent decades in higher education- now that is real life saving work, not the bogus work that pioneers do in selling WT literature.

  • Mad Sweeney
  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Here's the education that I got from Guy Pierce: Any dude with enough nerve to partake of the wine and crackers once a year can weasel his way to the top of Watchtower Corp. He really pats himself on the back like he's some kind of genious.

  • DanaBug

    That is the saddest experience I've ever heard. The guy gave up his life's work after studying with JW's. He gave up helping people to peddle magazines. Depressing.

  • bobld

    He should say "What puny FDS/GB teach us is garbage" and why "spend our life time listening to the garbage that the FDS/GB teaches.


  • VM44

    This talk sounds like a cult brainwashing session!

  • pontoon

    Go ahead, get that higher education. When questioned about it tell them it is your "theocratic goal" to be the best pedifile lawyer the society ever had.

  • Pistoff

    Wow that Prince talk was brutally bad.

    I notice he didn't cite the relevant statistic:

    College graduates, 4 year degree, have a 4.5% unemployment rate, in comparison to the current national average, 9%+.

    4.5% vs 9%, or higher, if you can't wash windows, lay carpet or clean floors. Or work for that guy, rich witness, that pays little to the brothers and sisters and flies them around cleaning computer rooms

    The more they have to talk up the no college, the more desperate they seem.


  • VM44

    Does the GB realize that it is not a sin in the Bible to go to college?

    There is no commandment that says,

    "Thou shall not attend the institutions of Higher Learning."

  • Joliette

    I still can't believe that this organization is still so anti-college. This one sister told me dont tell everyone that your in school. (I'm currently in school for human services). Its just weird. You could get a job more easily 30 years ago without a college degree and in many cases without a HS diploma, but nowadays, thats not the case, cause this country is becoming overcrowded. The bottom line is that the organization dont want people to have secondary education, they dont want them to know too much, and they want people's lives circled around their organization. No other distractions.

  • JHK

    University and knowledge: big enemies to Governing Body Bank.

  • Joliette

    ^So true. They want your undivided attention. (And money also) lol.

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